When Hobbies Strike Back

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From a young age, we were all taught the importance of having hobbies. They keep you active, get you out of the house and even help you make new friends. But according to your St. George audiologist, there are some hobbies that can actually damage your hearing.

The good news is that keeping your ears safe is easy! Custom-made earplugs are able to protect your hearing while still allowing you to enjoy the hobbies you love.

Swim Molds

When Hobbies Strike Back

These molds are ideal for protecting your ears while you swim or participate in any water-based activity. There is bacteria living in the water of lakes, ponds and oceans. If that bacteria enters your ear and gets trapped, it can cause an infection known as swimmer’s ear.

An added bonus of swim plugs is that they are designed to float. If one of them falls off while you are swimming, simply scoop it out of the water and keep going. While a visit to your St. George audiologist is always a good time, we’re sure you’d rather not have to keep going back to purchase replacement swim plugs because your previous pair is at the bottom of the Gunlock Reservoir.

Hunter’s Earmolds

Hunting can damage your hearing in an instant – a single gunshot produces sounds at 120 to 160 decibels. Anything over 85 decibels can cause hearing loss.

Hunter’s earmolds enable you to protect yourself. Not only do they prevent dangerously loud sounds from reaching your ear, they are designed to let safe sounds in. This helps you keep control and remain aware of your surroundings.

Musician’s Monitors

Whether you are playing in the show or sitting in the audience, exposure to loud music can put you in danger of developing noise-induced hearing loss.

This is where musician’s monitors come into play. They are able to reduce sounds evenly so the music and speech sound clear. This allows you to keep your ears safe while still enjoying the music as it was meant to be heard.

If you are interested in continuing your hobbies without potentially damaging your hearing, contact your local St. George audiologist today.