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Advanced hearing Has been in mesquite for over 20 years...

Dr Greer has been providing hearing care service in Mesquite for over 20 years, and will continue for many years beyond.

As One of Mesquite & Overtons Only Doctors of Audiology & Hearing Aid Providers...

We believe that your hearing health is the most 'essential' need out there. As such, we're here in Mesquite stronger than ever, for all your hearing needs. Advanced Hearing and Balance has been serving Southern Utah and Nevada for more than 40 years and welcomes all patients, and services all hearing aid manufacturers.

Get a Complimentary Hearing Exam Throughout the Month of July!

We Include These Complimentary Services on Top of Everything:

  • Complimentary Adjustments
  • Free cleanings
  • Free supplies (filters, domes, batteries ect)

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What We Provide For New & Existing Patients in Mesquite & Overton NV
  • What About Your Warranty?

    We will honor manufacturer warranty on current hearing devices

  • Complimentary Adjustments

    We will provide complimentary adjustments and follow up visits

  • Free Cleanings & Supplies

    Will provide cleanings without charge as well as free supplies such as: filters, domes, batteries etc

  • What About Insurance?

    We accept and work with all major insurance companies


Dr. Lance F. Greer, Au.D.

First Doctor of Audiology in Southern Utah

Dr. Lance F. Greer, Au.D—He has been practicing with Kimball for the past 23 years and is a co-owner and provider in the practice with over 24 years of experience. He specializes in hearing loss counseling, hearing device selection and service; medical hearing assessments for adults; Veteran Administration (VA) Compensation and Pension examinations for military veteran's hearing loss and tinnitus, diagnostic balance and dizziness assessments, treatment solutions for dizziness, industrial hearing conservation testing and Newborn Infant Hearing Screening Director at St. George Regional Medical Center and more. Lance, his wife Shannon and their 5 children have loved living in Southern Utah and have grown their roots deep with the St. George and surrounding community by being involved with their children's school and sporting activities, volunteering in community events and many church service opportunities.

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