May is Better Hearing & Speech Month

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May is Better Hearing & Speech Month, an annual occasion designed to raise awareness of hearing loss and speech problems. Originally created in 1927 by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), in 1986 President Reagan issued a formal proclamation designating May as the official month to heighten public awareness about hearing loss and speech disorders. The goal of Better Hearing & Speech Month is to encourage people to take action if they believe there might be a problem with their hearing or speech.

Advanced Hearing & Balance Specialists wishes to take advantage of the opportunity to educate our patients about the effects of hearing loss during the month of May. For this reason, we are offering a FREE CONSULTATION to anyone that has questions about the effects of untreated hearing loss. Whether you are suffering from the effects of hearing loss yourself or even if it is for a loved one or friend, come in and get your questions answered. Our doctors of audiology love to educate about hearing loss and its impact on our physical, social and mental health.

Today’s hearing devices are more advanced than ever, as they help your brain remember how to hear again. Technology now connects to other devices in your house via Bluetooth®, balances background noise, adapts to your environment and is designed to be discrete. Some devices are even rechargeable so you never have to change a battery! If your current devices are two to four years old, you may be missing out on your best hearing yet.

One out of three adults 65 and older experiences some degree of hearing loss; by the age of 75 that number jumps to one out of two. Even so, everyone is at risk for noise-induced hearing loss, especially as the popularity of iPods and personal music devices increases; persistent exposure to excessively loud music is on the rise thanks to earbuds and headphones and the tendency to crank up the volume. Other factors that contribute to hearing loss include ear infections, impacted earwax and ototoxic medications.

Hearing exams are the best way to detect hearing loss early, when there are more treatment options available. They enable an audiologist to identify problems before they worsen and recommend treatment to those who might otherwise suffer debilitating social and emotional effects of hearing loss including depression, isolation, memory loss and cognitive impairment.

Take advantage of Better Hearing & Speech Awareness Month and call to schedule a hearing consultation with one of our Doctors of Audiology. It’s never too early to receive a hearing benchmark analysis.