Hearing Aid Devices

C Hunter Hearing Aids

Dr Kimball Forbes of Advanced Hearing and Balance Specialists talks about his experience as a patient with the newest hearing aid devices from Oticon. He explains how these new hearing devices came to be through testing and years of research and development. The level of technology that these new devices have to aid in hearing is incredible and have taken great leaps over the years.

Best Hearing Aid Devices

When you look at the technology out there you often wonder what are the best hearing aid devices? That really depends on your situation, but we’ve created a quick guide that walks you through choosing a hearing aid device.  The best devices are the ones most suited to your hearing loss needs. Which is where an Advanced Hearing docs audiologist comes in.

Hearing Aid Device Technology

The Octicon technology for hearing in noisy situations has increased dramatically over the years. The technology to link your hearing aid to your phone through bluetooth is just remarkable. Click to learn more about the hearing aid device technology we use.

Watch below where Dr Kimball details out the bluetooth hearing aid device capabilities. Showing you how you can use the newest devices to connect to bluetooth so you can answer phone calls hands-free from your hearing aid, as well as listen to books and television from them as well.